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Continuing the late president’s legacy of democracy, justice and peace

About Us

The Morsi Foundation for Democracy (MFD) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organisation, founded by friends from around the world and the family of Egypt’s first democratically elected President, the late Dr Mohammed Morsi. As the first civilian President in the history of Egypt, President Morsi was a strong believer and advocate of democracy, freedom, the rule of law and the rights of people. In the face of threats to his own life, he confronted the military coup, tyranny and state corruption; he remained steadfast and committed to the democratic path until his last breath. President Morsi was both a pioneer and a formidable leader of the Arab Spring revolutions that sought to bring about the end to dictatorships and corrupt regimes in the Middle East.

Our Vision

The vision of the Morsi Foundation for Democracy is to support communities pursuing democracy, social justice and the right to a decent life.


The mission of the Morsi Foundation for Democracy is to:
1. Consolidate the values of collective reform in society, promote the values of freedom, justice and respect for all; and support the role of civil society organisations in advancing societies.
2. Uphold and promote the value of the unity of the Egyptian people in i coexistence and peace with each other, and in mutual peace and solidarity with Arab and Islamic nations.
3. Strengthen the principles for which the Arab Spring revolutions took place while preserving their achievements and legacy.
4. Confront anything that is an obstacle or impedes the achievement of justice and development in Egypt and the wider region.
5. Confront threats to our nations collective capabilities and help people realise independence and self-determination.
6. Encourage people to engage in dialogue – including on difficult issues – to address all that divides us and help find common ground.
8. Enhance the importance of the democratic path as advanced by the President, through initiatives, dialogue, and the creation of platforms for participation on critical social justice issues.
9. Contribute to the establishment of a global network of relationships between to advance collaboration and mutual work.
10. Provide grants and missions related to freedom, democratic transformation and human rights.
11. Foster the spirit of change to bring about a conscious generation that understands the importance of freedom, justice and democracy.


The Morsi Foundation for Democracy works to:
1. Continue the late president’s legacy as a platform for democracy, justice and peace.
2. Shed light on the works and contributions of the late president in order to promote and instil democratic values, freedom and civic duties amongst younger generations today and the in the future.
3. Be an international platform for dialogue and debate to help people seek independence, freedom and dignity in Egypt and the Arab/Muslim countries.
4. Convene symposia and produce publications to shed light on the works of President Morsi’s thoughts and ideas.
5. Establish global networks to advance collaboration and mutual work.

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